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Polish-Italian translator with a technical specialisation

My name is Krystyna Maternia. I am a Polish-Italian freelance translator. The effects of my work open a bridge between the worlds of Polish and Italian industry. Since 2002, I have been combining the language skills acquired during my university studies with the practical knowledge gained during interpreting projects in various industrial companies. Furthermore, in my role as a translator, I offer interpreting services during machinery installations in Poland, trade fairs and business meetings with business partners from Poland.


Looking for a professional freelance translator who can handle translations of user manuals easily and at the same time precisely? Or perhaps write a text to be published on a company blog?

Perfect. Welcome to my site!

I believe that translations of technical documents can be not only accurate and precise, but also written in correct and understandable language

It is true that specific info are the most important data when it comes to user’s manuals. But if the specific passages in the text are written in a confusing way, no one will read and remember them. That is why, as a Polish-Italian translator, I always combine fidelity to the original text with reading fluency. As a result, my translations are used for the registration of equipment subject to technical supervision by the Polish supervisory authority (UDT, Urząd Dozoru Technicznego).

I also provide services in production plants as a Polish Italian interpreter during training courses on the use of machinery, during the installation of new production lines and during maintenance work carried out by Italian and Polish technicians.

...and in my spare time I save the world!

Specifically bees. It is with great joy and with all my heart that I support the Bee Oasis of Rovigo in Italy as a Polish-Italian translator. I look after the Polish version of the oasis website and prepare the necessary translations.

Visit the website and see what fantastic events are happening at the bee oasis!

Visit saving bees

Translator's anatomy

A translator's 5 secrets that no one will ever tell you
Interpretus technicus

The technical translator and interpreter, known as Interpretus Technicus, is a professional with their proper habits and qualities that distinguish them (because of their body and behaviour) from other Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

On the next pages we will look more closely at their qualities.

1. Absorbent nervous system

The nervous system of Interpretus Technicus is characterized by a sponge-like brain. It absorbs information about gestures, terminology, and vocabulary from other linguistic areas, and releases the acquired information with an extraordinary speed and ease.

In combination with the highly developed hearing system, the absorbing nervous system makes Interpretus Technicus a very attentive and perspicacious professional.

2. Nutrition

Individuals observed to date have shown eating habits focused on consuming exceptionally large amounts of coffee. A substance that seems to provide essential nutrients.

A study conducted on a significant number of individuals have shown that the large intake of caffeine has led Interpretus Technicus to develop a special energy system, powered by coffee. This property allows them to work continuously, also at night, more or less consciously.

3. Relationships

Interpretus Technicus is usually surrounded by cats, because the habits and social behaviours of the two species are similar.

However, there are frequent cases when the cat takes over the dominant role, which it will not fail to manifest in a variety of situations, destroying important documents, leaving its hair on the clothing of Interpretus Technicus, and occupying chairs and other work places.

Despite this, Interpretus Technicus seems so devoted to their cats that in their work they use the software known under the name of CAT.

4. Body temperature

Due to the long sitting hours at work, Interpretus Technicus exhibits lower body temperature than other individuals of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens species. In order to solve this problem, they tend to dress warmly and wrap themselves in a thick blanket, in a desperate attempt to reach an optimal body temperature.

5. Habitat

Numerous individuals of the Interpretus Technicus species have been observed in their own caves, sitting on the couch, preferably a comfortable and soft one, or at the desk.

In some cases, one may notice their timid attempts to use very expensive ergonomic chairs, which is supposed to solve the back problems they are afraid of. Nevertheless, they always come back to their comfortable and so adored couch.

Looking for a Polish-Italian translator, experienced in translating technical content??

I offer the convenience of direct collaboration, without intermediary agencies. This solution guarantees the fastest delivery times and the utmost confidentiality. Moreover, you have full control over the choice of the translator who will manage your content by translating it into Polish or Italian.

Would you like to know more about me, my experience and my work as a freelance tecnical translator? Go to the Technical translations section and find out more about my projects or visit the References section.

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