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Your veterinary content translated in Polish and Italian. Animal health and veterinary pharma products. Veterinary translation into Polish language.


Thanks to the professional course of veterinary physiotherapy and postgraduate studies at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, I have the knowledge which allows me to provide excellent quality translation in the field of zoology, zootechnics and veterinary medicine, in Polish and Italian language.


In Poland, I am also one of first professionals with the title of zoophysiotherapist.

My Italian-Polish veterinary translation services in a nutshell

Here are some examples of my projects in this specialised field

As a volunteer, I manage content for the Polish version of the website

Lizards - presentation

For the International School of Veterinary Osteopathy, I translated an extensive presentation on lizards, from Italian into Polish.

Animal food

The animal nutrition is of great interest to me. I am therefore very keen to translate related texts. Among the largest projects of this type was the translation of labels for packaging of feed additives made in Italy. The additives were intended for various animals such as horses, cows, pigeons or rabbits.


Veterinary pharma

Stress in cats

One of my first projects focused on the subject of stress in cats

  • travelling in a carrier
  • living together with other cats
  • cat diseases
Veterinary osteopathy - nervous system

For the International School of Veterinary Osteopathy, I have translated an extremely interesting synthesis of information on the nervous system of dogs and cats. The text I have translated was intended for future veterinary osteopaths.

Aggressive behaviour in companion animals

Incorrect human behaviour can cause animals to start behaving aggressively. Then one doesn’t really know what to do in order to calm a beloved pet. An article I translated for a magazine talked about just such problems.


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Who decided on my Polish and Italian veterinary translation service

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