Technical translation services into Polish and Italian

Did you know that Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the world? That is probably why you are on my website. You need a translation into Polish or Italian and you are looking for professional, reliable translation services.


Polish is my mother tongue. I have been offering services to companies in various industrial sectors since 2002. I provide translations of technical documentazion and industrial marketing content. Among other things: user manuals, machine software, promotional materials for trade fairs. In addition, I manage content written in Polish and published on social media and company blogs. I ensure direct, fast and accurate communication with Polish partners, current and potential ones.

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What I specialise in

Select the subject area of the text you wish to translate. Click on the description and find out more about the Polish and Italian translation I offer within the specialisation area.
Technical translation
Technical translation
Content used by industrial companies to communicate with customers and suppliers. From machine manuals and operator training to industrial marketing, social media posts and blogs.
Veterinary translation
Veterinary translation
Specialist content related to animals. Veterinary translation from Italian into Polish.

My clients

My clients are companies with specifically defined requirements. They need Polish and Italian technical translations to achieve their goals. They want to seamlessly combine Polish and Italian industry content. Without intermediaries and without problems arising from a lack of knowledge of specialised terminology.

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